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Darkness Embrace 2: The Oakenford Chronicles

by BlackEternal

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Is this just a dream? Phantoms come for me Through my eyes I see All have been killed but me Their blood stained the walls In those long dark halls Where I left my mind Sanity lost behind Their screams, they haunt me In the dark I can’t breathe In these visions I see Sylvanis comes for me You belong to us You shall not escape You trespassed our grounds You have sealed your fate We shall come at night We dark spirits rise We will drag your soul To forever burn! You belong to us You shall not escape Not if I take my life Then I can be free You trespassed our grounds You have sealed your fate In my death I Escape There you can’t find me Body Lies petrified His stare burned in my mind Distorting all I see A glimpse of insanity Their voices beckon me They haunt me in my dreams Confined to this cell Trapped in this mental hell There’s no such thing as sleep His phantoms stalking me At night I lie awake Awaiting my dark fate
Chronicles I 15:38
Sanity: No! No! Get out of my head! You’re just in my mind! I know you’re all dead! Tormenting my dreams and haunting my eyes! Your voices I hear. y Your screams pierce my mind. Insanity: Lets take our own life We’re better off dead This hell we’ve created We welcome our death! Demons: Don't listen to them There’s no need to fight We’ve come from the depths We’ve stolen your mind Your soul is whats next Your spirit is hexed You belong to us We’ll come for this debt There is no escape We see you at night You hide in your cell You’re stricken with fright You left them to die And now it’s your turn We’ll swallow your soul With theirs it shall burn Sanity: No! Stop! This wasn’t my fault It’s Tearing my mind Possessing my thoughts They’re still in my dreams The terrible screams Their blood on my face I need to escape Demons: Know! You! Shall never escape This is now your fate For you it’s too late Your friends we have taken We’re coming for you For you will soon join them They want you here too Insanity: Forget what they’re saying! We’re not going to live! We’ll Take the straight razor and begin to slit! If we do it first, they can’t get to us Thrust into our neck! Rejoice as we cut! Demons: You’ll do no such thing Your will is too weak Your mind is afraid Your body is meek You’ll wait In your chair We are closing in But do not despair No one will be spared Sanity: No! I will not kill myself I can’t take these voices I Want out of this hell Stop calling my name Stop beckoning me I beg for the silence I long to be free
These walls have ears These doors have eyes A fear so intense, it petrifies Trapped In this chair In a broken mind I cannot fight I wish I had died The specters dance In shadows hide I know you’re there It’s not in my mind This cell so dark It suffocates Straitjacket tight There’s no escape The sounds of pain They torment me I cannot sleep Cannot break free The grip is tight A severed mind Eyes open wide I am still blind Their painful screams They still haunt me I cannot sleep Cannot break free! Their torn faces smile They beckon to me Their Disfigured souls Rise up from the floors And up from the halls Into these four walls It shivers my spine And makes my skin crawl Spirits of the dead Surrounding my bed This nightmare again They all want me dead The room is now freezing My lungs have stopped breathing My heart skips it’s beating And threatens to . . I’ll break from these chains I’ll set myself free straitjacket won’t stop me from my killing spree! Lure in the good doctor, my teeth to his throat! I’ll sit here and watch him bleed out as I gloat! Malignant pleasure now takes over me Next ill do Cara, and I’ll make her see! My chains to her head, tie her to my bed! I’ll cut from her stomach then up to her neck. Blood chokes in her mouth, they can’t hear her scream. Carve into her beauty this isn’t a dream. There’s no need to struggle soon ill be dead too! I’ll tighten this noose And I’ll hang in this room. This is just a dream I’ve done nothing wrong I just need a moment to collect my thoughts. I’m still in this chair, strait jacket and chains. I can’t tell what’s real in this psychotic maze.
Dr. Cara: Frightening visions Am I awake? Is it real? Or am I asleep? Night terrors A demonic disorder This hell at night am I going insane? Nocturnal attacks I hear the deceased The pressure and panic Begins to set in Their icy fingers Crawl under my skin I feel the presence I can’t let them in Momentum begins The panic sets In my eyes are shut tight They find their way in From this dark Embrace I cannot escape I have to wake up I need to awake This hell comes at night There’s nowhere to hide I can’t move my body Or open my eyes I see it all now These terrors are real I am not awake Nor am I asleep My dreams become lucid Awake while I sleep My mind can’t believe this I see what she sees Dark corners of my mind They slowly seep in Besieging any rational Thought within me Mentally unsound Unbecoming of me It’s this cursed place This isn’t within me These voices I hear Don’t come from within I won’t become my father I’m nothing like him I just need to go Get out of this place I can’t leave her here To die in this place I know it’s all real Now its creeping after me They’re taking over my sleep They’re nightmares not dreams Nocturnem infernalis This hell comes at night Nocturnem Infernalis The hell comes at night
Sylvanis Thorne: Foolish girl who challenged the dead. You’ve paid with blood and the lives of your friends. Your soul is mine which I’ll soon come collect. I smell your fear, your guilt, pain, regret. I’ve plagued your mind, but you are not insane. What you hear, feel and see is all real. Centuries past have not kept me bound. I transcend time. I now walk these grounds. Sylvanis Thorne: Insolent doctor, your knowledge you presume. You too will pay with your blood in the end. Have you not learned that these nightmares are real. From my dark grasp your mind shall never heal. Cyril was weak and you’ll suffer his same fate. Embrace your mind to the point you cannot take. Out of the dark your body I will break, but your soul, that I shall enslave. Sylvanis Thorne: From the deepest darkest depths we come. Even Hades cannot contain the shades. Dwelling in the underworld no more. To the surface we have come once more. Three witches Ascending From their graves. The sorceress summons dark-spirit slaves. To serve their master in my demonic raid. To spill their blood and conquer my domain. Dr.Cara: That hellish night replays in my head His body swaying, the noose on his neck The look in his eyes His fate worse than death His spirit it will never rest Wandering sightless within my own mind A return to the void, his fate won’t be mine. This place, I wish to just leave behind. But From you, I won’t run or hide. Sylvanis a coward. You prey on the weak. Their minds you have broken, you won’t do that to me. Over me you’ve no power, it’s YOU who is weak. You will rot in pits of hell deep. Sylvanis Thorne: Another fool who does not believe Your faith will be tested, it’s you who will see, but Make no mistake, I’m not far behind. I’ll soon see your doorstep And you too shall be mine. (And you too shall die)
Demonic spirits The evil returns No one will survive Every soul will burn Trapped in this asylum A sentence of death Sylvanis is back To take them again The slaughter begins Confusion takes hold The panicking crowd From whats to unfold These wicked monstrosities Will not hold back The grizzly atrocities From the attack The sounds of their screams Echo through the halls Left trampled and bleeding He will take them all The legion of shadows Has now been unleashed To bring the destruction To appease the beast Their bodies are torn And ripped into shreds Burst out from the inside Slit open the flesh Devour the organs And gnaw on their bones Terrified expressions Impaled on black horns They’ve come face to face The time it has come The look in her eyes She knows he has won This fate she’s accepted Her death at his hand She closes her eyes Hopes fast It will pass The pain in her chest A quick flash of red Her body goes numb She’s sure she is dead The coldness sets in Her breathing growing still The Nightmare’s not over she senses him still “It won’t be so easy I’ve found you at last This time will not Escape from my grasp Your body is dead but you belong to me Your soul now my slave you’ll never be free" The halls have gone silent This place overrun Dead bodies lie dormant His Demons have won Blood covers the walls In these insane halls Forever the screams of the dead Haunt these walls The darkness has settled This Asylum they roam Sylvanis has now taken claim to this throne Anyone who enters will never come back The demonic spirits eternal attack
No more pain No more fear No visions or voices Just deafening silence The darkness embrace No more terror Escaped from the sorrow The sadness has passed The lights have turned black Surrounded by nothingness Entranced by the numbness No longer despair No needs for life’s shackles Soul on its dark journey Released from this prison of hell Darkness becomes bliss Inside the abyss A blanket of coldness No tunnel of light No loved ones await at the end This life has come to its end The Darkness embrace


On the evening of January 13th 2020 ..
A team of paranormal investigators ventured deep into the depths of the legendary Oakenford Castle to conduct an investigation into the reported hauntings. During their EVP session they awoke something from the other side. . Something sinister...Something evil...

On the following morning, the sole survivor; Tiffany J. Morgan was found on the brink of death. Severely injured, paralyzed and covered in blood. She told a maniacal tale. A tale of a demonic attack. A Sinister Entity to blame for the death of everyone at the castle that night. The bodies of her closest friends, her fiancée, and 13 other victims all brutally decimated. Found mentally unfit to stand trial for their murders and haunted by the voices of the demonic spirits she once escaped, she is now confined to a padded cell at Oakwood Isle. A dilapidated psychiatric hospital reserved only for the most deranged, violent murderers and the criminally insane. This is her story... These are The Oakenford Chronicles.

With dark, haunting melodies, Ice-cold synth, Demonic vocals and crushing guitars, BlackEternal's sequel to “Darkness Embrace” will take you back into the realm of Haunting Symphonic Black Metal. Prepare to be submerged into a cinematic tale of madness, insanity and absolute horror As BlackEternal welcomes you to “Darkness Embrace Part 2: The Oakenford Chronicles”

All music mixed, mastered, written and composed by Nightmare Eternal at Area 51 Studios

Tiffany Clare
Kim Reiko
Julian Illman

Additional Vocal performances by:
Travis "Bloodbath" Townley
Sarah "Sorrow" Carpenter
Denis "Stillborn" Močnik of 'Return to the Void'
Paul Toole of "Paranormal Lock down UK"
Carlos Castellanos
Joy Hayward
Claire Glover
Issie Riley
Brian Givens
Mike J. Fort
Sam Saleh
Ms. Jazz


released January 13, 2021


all rights reserved



BlackEternal Las Vegas, Nevada

BlackEternal is a Symphonic-Cinematic Black Metal band out of Las Vegas NV. Lead singer, songwriter and composer 'Nightmare' Is always looking to bring something original, different and unique to the genre. Bringing their own style, signature cinematic story-telling and original sound, BlackEternal will surely transport you to a cinematic musical world you've never heard before in black metal. ... more

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