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Encounters II: Aftermath

by BlackEternal

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XXIII Months 12:13
The world lies gray, defeated Horizon chokes in the darkness Only rubble and ashes can you see it? The clouds black as night The rivers have frozen and turned to ice All precious life has been depleted Earth left in sorrow defeated The spirits of the past echo Can you hear them? The rain it burns like fire! acid rain Storms of ash and lightning fill the skies Endangered human existence Nothing left to live for can you feel it? All life has collapsed On the brink of extinction No human hope Earth lies in ruins Nothing but shattered remains The sunlight obscured by ashes Cataclysmic destruction Waves and waves of attacks Vengeance from light years beyond Tides ceased to turn While Every forest had burned Once home is now a wasteland The earth quakes It rumbles with violence Anything on the surface, it shall swallow Thrust into the chasms The endless voids
Zero Hour 11:58
Fires in the sky Demise from the stars Bullets they fall like hail The war begins on this day Explosions surround as buildings collapse The earth shakes beneath your feet Zero hour is upon us From afar they’ve come to find us Panic and chaos take control As death is descending on the world The fires they drown everything near Armageddon has begun Man’s worst fear Showers Of missiles Futile Resistance Invasion War lost The ceilings of peace Have shattered upon us Into desperate destruction We have been thrust When the dust has settled They will return No remorse from the opposing force Countless bodies lie in the rubble Earth’s weapons They have been dwarfed A symphony of savagery Plays over the land This is the beginning of the end of man
72 Hours 12:38
Desolate Destroyed Bleak Abandoned Wasted Forsaken Ruined Isolated A blanket of carnage covers the streets Littered with bodies. The Dead and the dying. Wandering sightless through the smoldering aftermath. Dust fills the air, ash clouds cover the sun. The sand is blowing across the ruins of civilization. The days have no beginning And The nights never end. The coldness sets in, as acid rain begins to pour. The winds blow merciless, carrying the echoes of the dead So quickly armies fell. Complete government collapse. Society has gone dark. Extinction looms for man A treacherous gauntlet survival has become. Un-fathomed storms take the lives of those left scattered. Hiding like rats Food becoming scarce Water running dry Hope now thing of the past
Fire and Ash 15:20
Fires Engulfing the mountainsides The embers hold the memories of those departed. Smoldering ashes paint the sky As a raging inferno. In the distance, tornadoes of fire Devour what’s left in its path Survivors like driftwood Only skeletons of cities Stark desolation An endless dark horizon Thousands of miles of smoldering cities Death toll pushes past 500 million A global cataclysm A Hell-scape dominion A fiery hell crosses the face of earth A lethal tide scarring the remaining landscapes The only goal to kill to bring an endless nightmare. The world has begun to settle into a deep dark gloom as skies stay black Half the world is aflame as the horrors of war explode on a scale unparalleled Human history is day by day being erased
Audio Drama Starring: Kim Reiko and Amelia Brown
Hell fire from the stars To bring death to the world Disintegrate the human form Welcome to the world of the dead No pity for the weak Remorse for the dead Your soul is theirs to take The horror in your eyes Your death is what they need Bring forth the death of life Ripping through the flesh The Remains of man are at the altar of death The unstoppable force in this living hell The only thing that surrounds A primal instinct to kill No rest until you’re dead This earth cleansed from the stench Of the human race Bleeding from your own defense We are the bringer of death We are the ones who will steal Your last dying breath At the edge of your world Your candle dimming dark The sky is burning red As our destruction spreads There is no escape From the chains of your death We’ll turn your earth to sand Your race will die where it stands
Encounters V 10:24
Audio Drama Starring: Tiffany Clare and Sean Antony
The Hunt 10:00
The beast is at your back The hunt will now begin Emerging from the storm Relentless cunning swarm Running for your lives Your instinct to survive The fear of death what drives The hunt is where they thrive They’re coming close behind Your heart pounds terrified You’re racing panic-blind This cruel hunt their design Running out of time There’s nowhere left to hide Your know it’s time to die Your fate comes from the sky No shelter from this storm Your blood will keep them warm Your race will be unborn All humans ripped and torn You’ll cower in the dark The move as fast as sharks They’ll tear your womb apart Your world is going dark
Audio Drama Starring: Tiffany Clare, Joy Hayward, and Ryan Lee
Aftermath 12:50
The ashes Of civilization Blow across these ruins A world once strong Now dying on its knees Memories of laughter Have been replaced with pain Survival too daunting Has Become worse than death The echoes of the dead Haunt this earth like a graveyard Running and hiding Is the new way of life Scavenge like rats Beneath a ravaged city Shattered, annihilated like a colony of ants So quickly, countries fell Survivors roaming scattered No armies could stand Against this savage foe Extinction is certain The casualties are billions The skies always black With the ashes of the dead The hours of the day Match the blackness of the nights The memories of the past Died in the scorching fires The Tears one shed Now just a bleak reminder The world is crawling Slowly to its end


"Encounters II: Aftermath" Picks up immediately after the events of
BlackEternal's 2019 release 'Encounters'

Hannah O'Connor has walked out of Dr. Belmont's office after giving him a stern warning of the nightmarish events on the horizon..

The world is caught off-guard as several immense aircraft have entered our atmosphere..

An emergency broadcast message plays all over TV, news and radio...

They do not come in peace..
Witness the beginning of the end..


released January 13, 2022

BlackEternal is:
Nightmare Eternal: All music, Vocals, Instruments, Arrangements and Compositions.

Kim Reiko
Tiffany Clare
Amelia Brown
Sean Antony
Ryan Lee
Joy Hayward
Mike J. Fort


all rights reserved



BlackEternal Las Vegas, Nevada

BlackEternal is a Symphonic-Cinematic Black Metal band out of Las Vegas NV. Lead singer, songwriter and composer 'Nightmare' Is always looking to bring something original, different and unique to the genre. Bringing their own style, signature cinematic story-telling and original sound, BlackEternal will surely transport you to a cinematic musical world you've never heard before in black metal. ... more

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