Weeks have passed. Dr. Cara Aisling is now starting to sense that she is not alone. Even when she IS alone..After spending so much time at Oakwood isle, is she herself starting to lose her grip on reality? Is she too in danger?


Dr. Cara:
Frightening visions
Am I awake?
Is it real?
Or am I asleep?

Night terrors
A demonic disorder
This hell at night
am I going insane?

Nocturnal attacks
I hear the deceased
The pressure and panic
Begins to set in
Their icy fingers
Crawl under my skin
I feel the presence
I can’t let them in

Momentum begins
The panic sets In
my eyes are shut tight
They find their way in
From this dark Embrace
I cannot escape
I have to wake up
I need to awake
This hell comes at night
There’s nowhere to hide
I can’t move my body
Or open my eyes

I see it all now
These terrors are real
I am not awake
Nor am I asleep
My dreams become lucid
Awake while I sleep
My mind can’t believe this
I see what she sees

Dark corners of my mind
They slowly seep in
Besieging any rational
Thought within me
Mentally unsound
Unbecoming of me
It’s this cursed place
This isn’t within me
These voices I hear
Don’t come from within
I won’t become my father
I’m nothing like him
I just need to go
Get out of this place
I can’t leave her here
To die in this place
I know it’s all real
Now its creeping after me
They’re taking over my sleep
They’re nightmares not dreams
Nocturnem infernalis
This hell comes at night
Nocturnem Infernalis
The hell comes at night


from Darkness Embrace 2: The Oakenford Chronicles, track released January 13, 2021


all rights reserved



BlackEternal Las Vegas, Nevada

BlackEternal is a Symphonic-Cinematic Black Metal band out of Las Vegas NV. Lead singer, songwriter and composer 'Nightmare' Is always looking to bring something original, different and unique to the genre. Bringing their own style, signature cinematic sound and original storytelling, BlackEternal will surely deliver something you've never heard before in black metal. ... more

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