Step back into the mind of someone who is losing theirs. The voices never stop, Nor do the whispers and the screams. The Guilt, pain and fear have taken over. Emotional pain is a deadly reality..


No! No! Get out of my head!
You’re just in my mind!
I know you’re all dead!
Tormenting my dreams and haunting my eyes!
Your voices I hear. y
Your screams pierce my mind.

Lets take our own life
We’re better off dead
This hell we’ve created
We welcome our death!

Don't listen to them
There’s no need to fight
We’ve come from the depths
We’ve stolen your mind
Your soul is whats next
Your spirit is hexed
You belong to us
We’ll come for this debt
There is no escape
We see you at night
You hide in your cell
You’re stricken with fright
You left them to die
And now it’s your turn
We’ll swallow your soul
With theirs it shall burn

No! Stop! This wasn’t my fault
It’s Tearing my mind
Possessing my thoughts
They’re still in my dreams
The terrible screams
Their blood on my face
I need to escape

Know! You! Shall never escape
This is now your fate
For you it’s too late
Your friends we have taken
We’re coming for you
For you will soon join them
They want you here too

Forget what they’re saying!
We’re not going to live!
We’ll Take the straight razor and begin to slit!
If we do it first, they can’t get to us
Thrust into our neck!
Rejoice as we cut!

You’ll do no such thing
Your will is too weak
Your mind is afraid
Your body is meek
You’ll wait In your chair
We are closing in
But do not despair
No one will be spared

No! I will not kill myself
I can’t take these voices
I Want out of this hell
Stop calling my name
Stop beckoning me
I beg for the silence
I long to be free


from Darkness Embrace 2: The Oakenford Chronicles, track released January 13, 2021


all rights reserved



BlackEternal Las Vegas, Nevada

BlackEternal is a Symphonic-Cinematic Black Metal band out of Las Vegas NV. Lead singer, songwriter and composer 'Nightmare' Is always looking to bring something original, different and unique to the genre. Bringing their own style, signature cinematic sound and original storytelling, BlackEternal will surely deliver something you've never heard before in black metal. ... more

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