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Denis M
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Denis M love the vocals, they are sick af, the story is like you are watching an alien abduction movie. i expecially loved the twist on the last kind, you have to listen the first album, in order to understand this one, the female vocals are nicely put in. i love the actual conversation. The songs give you an abductives perspective. and the last question "what if they come back"? nice closure to an a amazing album 10/10. Best experience when listening at night or early in the morning. Favorite track: The Fourth Kind.
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Welcome to Encounters!
This Concept album will follow the story of first contact experienced in "6EQUJ5"

Throughout human history, from the very early beginnings of mankind, to the most modern times in which we live today, we have always experienced encounters with beings other than ourselves. Beings from somewhere else in this universe.

From reports of sightings to accounts of Alien abduction, to actual contact; ‘Encounters’ will take you on a musical journey never done before in the realm of Black Metal.
Who are they? Why have they returned? Are they Gods? What are their intentions? All we know is this...the message is clear..
They found us..
They see us..
They're here.


released February 8, 2019

BlackEternal is:
Nightmare - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Synth, Bass
BloothBath - Guitars

- A Nightmare Eternal production
- All songs performed at Area 51 Studios


all rights reserved



BlackEternal Las Vegas, Nevada

BlackEternal is a Symphonic-Cinematic Black Metal band out of Las Vegas NV. Lead singer, songwriter and composer 'Nightmare' Is always looking to bring something original, different and unique to the genre. Bringing their own style, signature cinematic sound and original storytelling, BlackEternal will surely deliver something you've never heard before in black metal. ... more

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Track Name: The First Kind
In the year 22, in the 3rd month of winter,
in the 6th hour of the day, the scribes of
House of Life observed a Disc of fire Descending
from the sky. From the mouth it emitted a foul breath.
It had no head. It had no voice.
The people's hearts became confused and threw themselves down on their bellies.
from dawn to dark, and again they became more numerous in the sky.
Their splendor exceeded that of the sun, and extended to the limits of the four supports of the heavens.
Powerful was the position of the fire Disks
The sky gods ascended higher in the sky
towards the south. taking many with them by force
what happened was ordered
by the Pharaoh to be written in the annals of the House of
Life… so that it be remembered for eternity.
Track Name: The Fourth Kind
Haunted by the shadow fear
Tormented by the presence drawing near
Abrupt and Extreme terror
Struggling to regain consciousness
Impossible to awaken
Phantasmagoric images
Pressure and panic sets in
Paralyzed and surrounded
Trapped in a dark momentum
Terrifying cosmic dimension

Hiding-lurking Entities
Await in the dark.
Enchantment grows more ravenous by night.
Beckoning, calling, stalking, awaiting.

The will to oppose now consumed by fear
life-force replaced by their will.
Paralyzing weakness, unable to fight
Embraced by despair, darkness, and Fright.
Abducted away into an obscure Beyond
Trapped within Celestial depths
This earthly struggle has come to a close.
Relinquish to them is what i have chose. 
No turning back, i am Absorbed, the light has embraced
and all turns to black.
To their Purpose I've given way, as my body drifts away.
Track Name: The Fifth Kind
Lords of the Sky
Descending down from the heavens
The most powerful deities in the pantheon
Descendants of 'AN' the god of the heavens
Here to Decree the fates of humanity
The seven judges who sit before the throne in the Cosmos
Thousands of years of human history to be revealed
By The oldest generation of gods
Communications from another galaxy
Contact from worlds unknown
Ancient Knowledge gifted to Sumer
Extraterrestrial teachings
Lay in written cuneiform
Secrets of the universe
Codes of travel
Mysteries of human origins
Hidden Keys from the lords of the sky
Ancient Astronauts to someday return and reveal

. . And the slaves of the gods marched forward.
sweat on their brow, blood on their hands, their bodies broken and desperation in their hearts. They continued to build until they could no longer. Great Pyramids, Temples of worship for the gods in the sky.

"Oh Anunnaki,
Gods of creation, masters of the afterlife, lords of the dead. Creators in the sky.
kings you are, you bestow life upon us.

Return to us oh divine creators
Return to us in your spinning discs of fire
Return to us with your great knowledge
we are your slaves, oh architects of life

Take us as you have taken the ones before us
Take us in your fire discs
Take us in your majestic lights

We are your slaves, oh gods of the sky.
Take us"
Track Name: The Last Kind
A signal detected
A mass approaches
A woefully unprepared earth
A tech far superior
A futile attempt at resistance
The Empress she leads the assault

Extra galactic malice
Retribution for actions not taken
A punishment long unpaid descending from the stars

Annihilation of a Race
Human-Vanquishing reprisal
Structures collapsing
Skies are exploding
world wide genocide
No use to call this a war

Human Holocaust
From Saros' remnants
Slaughter of a race not fit to exist
Carnage surrounds, Bloody mist in the air
Oceans run red, nobody is spared
One-sided assault
has caused Decimation
a mass execution
no humans remain

unfair, overpowered.
revenge has been taken
The Empress succeeded
a world has been won

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