Sink into a slowly-breaking mind. Dive Into the thoughts of Tiffany Morgan as she tries to cope with her loss and experiences at Oakenford Castle. A Dark grip has taken hold of an already-fragile mind.


Is this just a dream?
Phantoms come for me
Through my eyes I see
All have been killed but me
Their blood stained the walls
In those long dark halls
Where I left my mind
Sanity lost behind
Their screams, they haunt me
In the dark I can’t breathe
In these visions I see
Sylvanis comes for me

You belong to us
You shall not escape
You trespassed our grounds
You have sealed your fate
We shall come at night
We dark spirits rise
We will drag your soul
To forever burn!

You belong to us
You shall not escape

Not if I take my life
Then I can be free

You trespassed our grounds
You have sealed your fate

In my death I Escape
There you can’t find me

Body Lies petrified
His stare burned in my mind
Distorting all I see
A glimpse of insanity
Their voices beckon me
They haunt me in my dreams
Confined to this cell
Trapped in this mental hell
There’s no such thing as sleep
His phantoms stalking me
At night I lie awake
Awaiting my dark fate


from Darkness Embrace 2: The Oakenford Chronicles, track released October 31, 2020


all rights reserved



BlackEternal Las Vegas, Nevada

BlackEternal is a Symphonic-Cinematic Black Metal band out of Las Vegas NV. Lead singer, songwriter and composer 'Nightmare' Is always looking to bring something original, different and unique to the genre. Bringing their own style, signature cinematic sound and original storytelling, BlackEternal will surely deliver something you've never heard before in black metal. ... more

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